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Lissie's objective with Richmond Dog Walking Company, LLC, is to have a "family" feel  and foster relationships with her clients, one that is built on trust, individual attention, and superior customer service. 

The difference between Lissie's company, Richmond Dog Walking Company, LLC, and other services, in addition to being licensed, bonded, and insured, is that she and her walkers focus on one pet at a time (unless the client has more than one pet in which case they would give each equal attention). This will allow the client's pet(s) to receive top quality care and love.


The cornerstones of Lissie's company are trust and customer service as she understands that she would be taking care of two of the client's most prized possessions- the pet(s) and the home, responsibilities she takes very seriously. For the time being Lissie will be focusing on the Fan, Museum District, and the near West End in Richmond, VA and the peninsula in downtown Charleston, SC.

Photos by Anne Rhett Photography.

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